Staying Fit during COVID-19

Many of us have been sitting idly by as we wait for restrictions and the stay-at-home orders that were imposed during this COVID-19 pandemic to lift. Meanwhile we’ve been snacking more and becoming stiff from being sedentary.

So World Footprints spoke to AFAA Personal Trainer and Venice Nutrition Coach, Neila Bond, who is running online fitness courses and nutritional coaching. Neila shared some easy-to-do exercises to help everyone (of all fitness levels) stay fit.

To sign up for Virtual Fitness Training or Nutritional Coaching visit Neila’s BOND GIRL FITNESS 007 group

Neila Bond, has 20 years of experience in the fitness industry, 15 years in the wellness industry, and seven in the nutrition industry. She received a B. A. in Theater and Human Performance from the University of Toledo and holds National Certification as a Wellness, Nutrition Coach and Personal Trainer. Neila’s expertise is in weight loss, weight management, and disease management through lifestyle behavior change.