Looking for inspiration on where your next travel location should be? See where the stars align for you with an astrology technique called AstroGeography

This strategy imprints what locations the planets were in at the moment of your birth over a world map. It is considered that we activate that planetary’s energy every time we travel somewhere on the planet “lines.” 

These lines are unique, based on your exact time of birth, so you will need your birthday, birth location and exact time of birth to determine your AstroGeography lines


You can find your AstroGeography lines by clicking here. Each of the planet lines indicates the sort of energy, challenges and benefits that the cities or countries on that line hold for you. 

Orange line
The planet of ego, identity and self-expression

Perfect for: Any sort of trip that you need to take to promote yourself, such a book tour or a concert tour. You’ll find when you travel to locations on your Sun line, you experience a boost in confidence and a desire to put yourself out there. If you’re feeling lost on who you are, travel to a city or country that your sun line falls on to activate this energy of self and identity! 


Avoid: Trips where it’s not all about you, such as a mission trip or a destination wedding for a family member. The energy of the Sun does best when it revolves around you.

Navy blue line
The planet of emotions, self-soothing and intuition

Perfect for: Trips when you need travel therapy. This astrology geography line activates our emotions and nurturing, so it’s a powerful energy to call upon if you’re in need of some soul-soothing. If you just went through something devastating in your life, a trip to the moon line will help you process what occurred, gain some clarity into your emotions and connect to your intuition.

Avoid: Business trips to locations on your moon line. You will find you’re more emotional and reactive in these locations, so not great for vacations when you need to be level-headed and rational. 


Bright green line
The planet of communication, intellect and mental processing

Perfect for: Trips that you need to do some writing during or trips where you want to learn more about the country’s culture, history and customs. You may find cities and countries that fall on your Mercury line stimulate you intellectually and you’ll find your mind is extra busy when you travel there! You’ll be asking extra questions at the museums and be extra chatty when communicating with the locals. Great for all business, writing and learning-based trips abroad.  

Avoid: Trips when you’re looking for some peace and quiet. You’ll find your mind will be overstimulated, which can be overwhelming at a meditation retreat. 

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Dark green line
The planet of love, beauty and money

Perfect for: Romantic trips with your sweetheart, or a trip you take when you’re ready to welcome love into your life! Venus is also the planet of pleasure and loveliness, so you can be sure locations on your Venus astrocartography line you’ll be inspired aesthetically and indulged sensually.

Avoid: Trips when you’re watching your waistline. Venus is the energy of enjoying all of the indulgences of life, so you’ll find you’re less able to turn down that croissant or that extra bottle of wine.

Red line
The planet of action and assertion

Perfect for: Adventure trips you need a lot of energy for. You will find when you travel to places on your astrocartography Mars line, you are invigorated by a surge of extra energy, which can help you with your hiking, backpacking or cycling trips. 

Avoid: Traveling when you’re craving some downtime. You may find yourself unable to just relax on the beach with a good book. When you’re on the Mars line, you’ll be craving an adventure!

Black man hiking
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Pink line
The planet of luck, growth and expansion

Perfect for: Trips that you go on to expand spiritually or learn new things. A meditation or yoga retreat would be ideal! But overall, luck is on your side when you travel to your astrocartography Jupiter line, so it’s perfect for just about everything. 


Avoid: Traveling somewhere on the Jupiter line for just a couple of days – you’ll want to stay for an extended trip to soak up the Jupiterian luck! 

Brown line
The planet of rules, restriction and commitment

Perfect for: Trips when you need routine or commitment within your life. You may find you are more apt to be disciplined and orderly on Saturn lines trips.

Avoid: Traveling somewhere for leisure and fun. Saturn is the planet of rules, so you may find you’re extra uptight in these locations!

Light blue line
The planet of unpredictability and innovation

Perfect for: Trips where you’re welcoming in spontaneity! The mantra for Uranus is “expect the unexpected” so you can be sure there’s a surprise or two on your travels to Uranus line astrocartography locations.

Avoid: Vacations where you want things to go as planned! Uranus will bring you exactly what you DON’T expect, which is great for an adventure – but not so great for sticking to your itinerary. 

Purple line
The planet of spirituality, illusion and higher-level compassion

Perfect for: Spiritual missions or altruistic trips. You’ll find when you travel to places on your astrocartography Neptune line, you are more apt to give back selflessly and to connect to a higher power. 

Avoid: When you need to practice discernment. Neptune line can fog your vision and make you don your rose-colored glasses, so you can be a bit too trusting at these locations. 

Black line
The planet of rebirth and transformation

Perfect for: Trips you go on when you need full and complete transformation of your life. If you want to rebuild your life from the ground up, travel to somewhere on your astrocartography Pluto line. 

Avoid: Trips that you just want to rest or relax! Pluto PROMISES this trip will be intense and keep you on your toes.

You can even use this technique even if you can’t physically travel to this destination. Let’s say your Venus line falls on the Greek islands, and you want to bring more love into your life. Activate that energy by eating Greek food, decorating your home with Mediterranean-inspired decor and planting pink bougainvilleas on a trellis on your patio. Voila! If you can’t go to Greece, bring the energy of Greece to you!


If you notice the next place you’re looking to travel to has no lines intersecting it, that doesn’t mean you should cancel your trip! Places on your AstroGeography map that are “empty” or don’t have any lines through it can be a blessing. You’ll find you’re calmer in these areas and more able to relax. 

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Where are your AstroGeography lines located? Have you felt that planet’s energy on your travels there? Comment below!

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