Creating “The Great Outdoors” while stuck indoors

Great Outdoors | Pancake Canyon photo by Erin Sullivan

What do you get when you take several stacks of pancakes, add some miniature figurines and a stream of syrup?  If you’re photographer Erin Sullivan you’ll get a scene of a canyon with hikers walking by a waterfall.

Erin Sullivan is an accomplished photographer and travel blogger.  She showcases her work on her blog Erin Outdoors.

During this pandemic Erin created a challenge called #OurGreatIndoors.  This challenge called for other creative and travelers who were under stay-at-home orders to create outdoor using common household items.   Erin told us that these miniature outdoor sets is helping to satisfy her wanderlust and keep her creative juices flowing.

Erin shows us that a photograph isn’t always what it appears to be but that it still has the power to transport you to a place that’s as vast as the imagination.

Join World Footprints as we explore the great outdoors while indoors with photographer Erin Sullivan of Erin Outdoors.

  • Rosemary Forest photo by Erin Sullivan
  • Taking the PanCanyon by Erin Sullivan
  • Paper bag canyon by Erin Sullivan
  • Jello Lake by Erin Sullivan
Erin Sullivan head shot

Erin Sullivan is a photographer and writer passionate about the outdoors, meaningful travel, and living deliberately. She uses her online platform, Erin Outdoors, to show the beauty and complexity of the world we live in, and to encourage genuine connection to the outdoors, culture, people and wildlife.


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